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In 2005 Graham Precision Pumps(GPP) and Graham Vacuum Pumps change their name to Graham Vacuum Technology ltd.

Before being purchased by Busch Vacuum in 2006, Graham Precision Pumps manufactured water pumps(Marathon Range) and vacuum pumps (2PV range) for industries such as Oil & Gas, at the Forge in Congleton.

The Graham Precision range of water pumps have now been discontinued in 2008.


The Marathon range can be supplied and serviced by ourselves, as can the LO and LR range of in line pumps.

The KO & KR liquid ring self priming range are available in sizes 14, 15 & 16.

The CNP range of inline circulators can only be supported by way of mechanical seals

Following an agreement  with the directors of Busch UK and ourselves we aim to support this product where possible in today’s market.

Please call Ian Tate with your requirements, as an ex employee of Graham Precision Pumps he will assist where ever possible.

We can also provide spares for the PV, 2PV & 3PV range of pumps and replacement pumps, please contact us with the pump model and serial number to allow us to identify the original build.

Pumps can be sent to us for evaluation in regards to a service or repair and should be marked for the attention of Gary Shepley.

A quotation will be provided free of charge.

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