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  • 25+ Years of Trading

Sumak Pumps

The Sumak Dalgic Pompa (Sumak Pumps) have been produced since 1992.

Due to investment, the products have developed to give a broad range of pump types.

From Submersible, drainage and grinder to close coupled end suction, multistage.

Booster sets & Fire pumps to NFPA



The pumps are all produced to a very high quality backed up with ISO 9000 certification.

They produce innovative products

like the SD Electro submersible water feature pumps 1/2" ,3/4" and 1", along with the traditional self - priming and end suction pumps. Submersible waste water pumps. Utility transfer pumps. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements

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Sumak Pumps SMINOX/A Open impellerSumak Pumps DSM Self Priming PumpSumak Pumps SDF Septic Tank Pump 2"Sumak SM Peripheral PumpSumak NFPA Fire PumpsetSumak Pumps